O'Pandora Chiffondelux

Sex : Female

Date of birth : 09/09/2018

Type of color : Seal point bicolour, n 03 33

It is very similar to an Olive (though a little less fluffy), although it is not her blood sister. She is very wary of other cats, believing that all the attention and love should go to her alone. A bit of a mischievous possessive, but that's why we love her. We are very glad that her character has never been passed on to kittens.

O'Pandora Chiffondelux was born from our main and chic breeding stud - Jirard Chiffondelux and Gabby, who came from one of the best catteries in the world Koc-Pol Cat
When starting offspring, a very important factor is the absence of hereditary diseases, so you need to check your producers.