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About our Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

We have been raising kittens with love since 2017. If you are looking for a little furry companion for your soul or a high quality purebred kitten getting titles, then you are definitely here. What do you get with the purchase of a ragdoll kitten from Chiffondelux?

    • Health

    Our cattery monitors the health of cats. All breeding cats are tested for Ragdoll genetic diseases: cardiomyopathy and polycystic disease.

    All cats and kittens have all the necessary vaccinations.

    Kittens are transferred to future owners healthy and with a veterinary passport, where all vaccinations are marked.

    • High quality

    We are very careful about the selection of mummies and daddies of our kittens. Many of our breeders have not only good looks according to breed standards, but also impressive titles. But our main highlight and pride are bright saturated blue eyes.

    • Temperament
    A very important factor when buying a kitten is its temperament. To get the most affectionate kittens, we raise them right under our feet with all our love, stroke and hug them every day, play with them and never scold them. This is how our kittens grow into affectionate companions who love their master.
    • Feedback

    We understand that a kitten is a big responsibility, so we help the owners and answer their questions both before and after the purchase. It is important for us not only to give you a kitten, but also to make sure that everything is safe and good with him. Therefore, we are always glad to your questions!

Our kittens

Our cattery is located in Moscow. We also have subsidiary nurseries in the Chelyabinsk region and Germany, a representative in Thailand. Meet our kittens living in different parts of the world.

Main cattery
Main cattery
Main cattery

Representative in Thailand

Representative in Thailand
Representative in Thailand

Subsidiary cattery

Subsidiary cattery
Subsidiary cattery

How buy kitten

We love our kittens endlessly and wish them all the best, so we strongly recommend that you visit Chiffondelux and see the kittens live. Perhaps you will fall in love not quite with the one you were going for initially. And remember that kittens also choose their owner and the return from the kitten you have chosen is important to us.

So, to purchase a kitten, follow these steps:

Contact us
Call us or write to any social network available to you. We will agree on the day and time of the meeting, if possible, and discuss all possible issues.
Choose a kitten
Come to our house. Over a cup of tea or coffee, we will discuss everything, answer your questions and show all our kittens and their mothers. You can pet them and play with everyone!
If you can't come to us, we will certainly send you additional materials in video videos and photos. At your request, we can arrange a video call.
Conclude a contract
We conclude a purchase and sale agreement with you, you pay for the kitten. With a kitten, you get a veterinary passport with all vaccinations and a pedigree.
If necessary, we can deliver the kitten to another city or country.
Congratulations! Now you are the lucky owner of a kitten
Now you have a fuzzy who needs to be given warmth and care.

Our Blog

Before purchasing a kitten, we advise you to look at our blog. There you will find useful articles that answer many of your questions.

How to prepare for the arrival of a pet?

An article about all the necessary purchases and not only before the appearance of a new pet.

Who is the best for breeding?

This article will help novice breeders decide who is better to buy for breeding - a boy or a girl.

Kitten care

Everything that owners need to know about caring for a kitten is written here.

Want to adopt one of our kittens?

If you haven't found your kitten and want to be the first to choose it from the following litters, then subscribe to our waiting list.

To book a kitten in the following litters, a deposit of 500$ is required.
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