Christmas with a cat

Winter will come very soon and many will put up a large beautiful Christmas tree on the eve of the holiday, but it is worth remembering that if you have a cat at home, you need to approach the choice of decorations for the celebration with all responsibility.

Christmas decorations

Some especially playful kittens will definitely stretch their paws to the Christmas tree and can pick a few balls from the branches. Therefore, it is better to remove all glass Christmas decorations away, because they can break and injure the pet.

Instead, it is better to use plastic toys that will definitely not break. Such balls will maximum be used as a ball by your cat and will definitely not harm him.

You can also use toys made of felt, wood or paper - all those materials that can be chewed a little at most.

  • Fairy lights

    Glowing iridescent lights will definitely attract the attention of any cat. In the process of hunting for its target, the pet can gnaw on the garland or break it. It is better to place this in places where the cat will definitely not get. For example, walls or cornices are perfect.

    On the Christmas tree, you can hang a fabric or paper garland.

  • Rain and tinsel

    When a cat appears, you should forget about the rain and tinsel. If your pet gets to this “delicacy”, then troubles cannot be avoided. If swallowed, the tinsel gets stuck and can cause significant intestinal damage, and in severe cases, death.

More tips for preparing for the holidays

If you have a small tree that is easy to drop, it is better to secure it so that the pet will definitely not turn it over, or put it high so that he cannot reach it.

Cats are afraid of fireworks, so prepare a secluded place in advance in which your pet can hide. It is better that it be a place without windows, for example, a toilet. Put his house or carrier there, put a soft bed. During the fireworks, let the pet hide and wait out this moment. To help him, you can turn on the TV or turn up the music. So he will not hear the roar outside the window.

We wish you and your pet a great New Year holidays and a good rest!

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