How to prepare for the arrival of a pet?

In this article, you will learn what basic steps you need to take before the appearance of a kitten in the house and what things you need to buy in advance.

You need to prepare for the appearance of a kitten in the house. The more prepared you are, the less stressful situations will be for both you and the new family member.

  1. The first step is to equip his future own space, making it a safe, calm and comfortable place to live. This will help the kitten to quickly adapt and start exploring a new home.
  2. It is necessary to prepare all family members for the appearance of pets. If you have children, set rules for kitten play to avoid injuries. It will not be superfluous to check yourself and loved ones for possible allergies if this is your first pet.
  3. In addition, it is worth buying everything you need in advance.

Required Purchases

Here is our list of what you may need:

● Cozy bed. It is not necessary to buy it right away, because you may let the kitten sleep with you on the bed.

● Bowls for food and water

● Tray. We recommend a large and deep one with a lid so that it is convenient to clean up, and the kitten itself does not scatter the filler around. If it is not possible to buy a tray with a lid, then you can just buy a deep tray with a high side.

● Filler. It happens wood, silicone and clay.

● Nail clippers

● Kitten shampoo

● Special brush. For a long-haired breed, like the Ragdoll, flat with long teeth with an antistatic effect and slickers without balls at the end are suitable.

● Scratching post. If you do not want the kitten to “force” tear your furniture. Definitely need to buy a scratching post. They come in completely different price ranges. We like cardboard ones, they are quite inexpensive and flat. Catnip is added to some of them, so the kittens tear them up willingly. If there is no place for such small scratching posts (and even more so for large playgrounds), you can buy a jute rope and wrap it around the legs of tables and chairs.

● Quality food. So that the kitten does not have problems with digestion, it is worth using only premium class food and not saving on it.

● Vitamins. If you decide to feed the kitten not dry food, but natural (food from the table), then the diet should be enriched with vitamins.

● Toys. To keep a kitten from getting bored, he should always have a couple of toys.

By following all these points, you will definitely be able to adequately meet your new family member and surround him with love and care.

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