Male or female? Who is better to breed?

Who is better to breed? Male or female? In this article you will find a description of the pros and cons of each gender, as well as our opinion on this matter.

Many novice breeders, having decided on the breed, choose a nursery and are ready to make a purchase, when the question arises: who is better to buy - a male or a female? The question is really complex and ambiguous. Many believe that female cats are much better than males, because it is they who give birth to kittens. And the cat is so... You can go with your kitty for mating to another cattery. But few people consider all the pros and cons of each sex of the animal. Let's deal with this.

Females: pros and cons

If you have chosen a female for breeding as the first animal, then you can take her for mating, then wait for time and become the owner of your first litter. However, the whole labor-intensive process of accompanying pregnancy, childbirth and litter rearing will fall on you, as the owner of this breeding animal.

Also, estrus can become a very difficult period for you, as the owner of an unsterilized cat. During estrus, the cat behaves very restlessly: it can scream at night, constantly climb up to you, run around the apartment and even spoil furniture.

In addition, non-neutered cats are at risk of developing oncology (breast cancer, pyometra). Then the cat will have to be sterilized immediately to save her life.

Males: pros and cons

Having a breeding male cat in your cattery, you can make it available for mating, thanks to which you will receive money or a kitten from this litter, which you can later sell.

In contrast to the estrus of females in males, a clear disadvantage is the desire to mark their habitat. Getting rid of their pungent musky smell will be quite difficult.

Males are very dominant and do not perceive competition well. This can cause a fight between them.

But these disadvantages can be compensated by a vivid manifestation of pedigree qualities. The exterior of males, as a rule, is more spectacular and expressive.

So, is it male or female?

Despite all these pluses and minuses, we believe that for our own breeding it is necessary to have both a male and a female. Therefore, if finances allow, it is worth buying two at once. Having both sexes will protect you from various infections that can be obtained from male cats of not very conscientious breeders.

Also, you will not have an “empty mating”, as a result of which kittens were not born, although you paid a lot of money (we had 4 such matings at the beginning of the journey, we lost a lot of money, bumping into unscrupulous breeders).

Another plus of having a male and a female at once is that you don’t need to look for the same manufacturer, wait in line and adapt. You will not be refused at the very last moment, because something happened to the male cat (we had such a sad experience, and plane tickets to another country were already bought and could not be returned). You do everything at a pace that is comfortable for you and your animals. You will have a proven sire who is definitely not infected, gives excellent kittens, and you will be sure of a positive result.

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