This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the care, food and various cat care products that we use.

What is the best shampoo to buy and how often to wash kittens?

Shampoo I use "pet silk" for adults. For kittens I use any shampoo "for kittens".

I only wash adults either before a show or a photo session, or as it gets dirty. I used to wash every month, now it has become much less frequent.

What combs are best to use?
I use flat, long teeth with antistatic effect and slickers without balls on the end. I rarely scratch, usually when mine, well, or suddenly a tangle appeared. Then it can be cut with nail scissors, only vertically in the direction of hair growth. But this rarely happens. The reasons may be sticky filler, poor food. It can also be caused by dryness in the house, due to which the wool is electrified. That's why I use moisturizers.

What is the best food to feed a kitten?

I am currently feeding Karmy for Maine Coon kittens. It is rich in vitamins for joints. Prior to that, she fed Queen Royal Canin. It is generally for pregnant women, but is similar in composition to the one for kittens. Baby is often vilified, he is too fat. Queen is my favorite. Another plus of this food is that it is larger feeding for kittens. The jaw develops better.

But we do not limit you to these feeds. You can switch to any convenient food of at least premium class.

Whether any special vitamins are necessary?
If the food is premium and super premium, then vitamins are not needed. If you feed "natural" food, then it is necessary.
If you feed dry food, then "natural" food can not be added to this?
Do not mix in the same bowl. But you can feed in the morning with dry food, and in the evening with "natural" food.

What "natural" food can be given to kittens?

Cats should not eat:

● pork,

● soup,

● all food with pepper and salt,

● milk.

You can give:

● chicken (you can’t have tubular bones, you can neck and head), quail, rabbit, beef, veal (frozen for at least 3 days or boiled),

● cottage cheese,

● yogurt without additives,

● kefir,

● boiled eggs.

What tray and filler should be used? Will a tray with high sides work?

There are three types of filler: wood, silicone and clay. My veterinarian says that the intestinal coronavirus breeds well on wood filler if it is infrequently changed. She said to change to clay or silicone. However, the kittens began to eat clay, and silicone dries their paws. Therefore, for now, I decided to pour new wood filler every day and wash the trays.

The tray is best taken deep with a lid. It is convenient to clean it, kittens scatter the filler less. The tray must be large because cats grow quite large. If you do not like a tray with a lid, you can just buy a tray with high sides.

How to care for claws?

Nails need to be cut with a special claw cutter. The frequency of cutting is determined individually. I usually get a haircut after I wash the kitten. I wrap it in a towel and cut it while the water soaks in.

I rarely trim my cats' nails because I have porcelain stoneware floors in my house. Kittens grind their claws while they play and run around the house.

What scratching posts would you recommend?

I like cardboard claws. In principle, it doesn't matter which one to take, because kittens will fight almost any. Also, if you do not have space for the claws, you can use a jute rope. It can be wrapped around the legs of tables and chairs.
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